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Now your ready to take the next step to becoming a member of the HTI Buying Group family! Please fill out the form below. Contact an HTI staff member if you have any questions! 

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HTI Vendor Membership Agreement
The Vendor agrees to participate with the Buying Group to provide its member stores with an exclusive program that is identified as the Buying Group Program. The Vendor agrees to negotiate a program, which is viable for the Buying Group. The Buying Group Program is to be made up of all or key parts of the following; Discounts off list prices of the Vendor’s product line, advertising allowances, freight allowances, dating terms to credit worthy accounts, exclusive items/sets/or packs, opportunities to buy overstocks and discounted merchandise at preferential pricing, and from time to time sales associates specially designed sales incentive programs. The Vendor agrees to notify The Buying Group of all changes to programs, terms, and company information in a timely manner. The Buying Group agrees to promote the Vendor as a Vendor that would enhance participating retail members’ product presentation to their customers. It will further establish the Vendor as a key resource for the product line. It will encourage the retail members to use their local sales representatives to expand the Vendor’s product assortment or category in their stores. The Vendor shall pay to the Buying Group, the sum of seven hundred ninety nine dollars ($799), with the execution of this agreement. The term of the agreement shall be for a period of twelve months beginning the date of this document. The membership year will end twelve months later. After the first year, the Vendor will agree to pay the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each subsequent membership. HTI does not ask for or accept over-rides or commission on sales to our retail members. There is no additional cost should your products be selected for our catalogs or inserts.
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