HTI Showroom Las Vegas | Shipping and Product Displays

Please read all of the information below before submitting your RSVP for displaying product in the HTI Showroom in Las Vegas. Shipping address will be below.

Terms and Conditions

  • Space is incredibly limited so an RSVP is REQUIRED to hold any spot. If you do not RSVP space is not guaranteed.

  • Spaces are roughly 1ft wide x 1ft tall x 18in deep. Please only send enough product to showcase a small selection of items, new or hot items preferred.

  • Product must contain a return label as product will not be held in Las Vegas. Product can also be picked up in person in Las Vegas before the show close. All property not collected or with a return label becomes property of HTI Buying Group.

  • IF YOU ARE SHOWING IN LAS VEGAS… products may NOT be shipped. Products may be brought to the HTI Showroom (C-1144G) but still must RSVP on the form below.

  • IF YOU ARE NOT SHOWING IN LAS VEGAS… products may be shipped after you complete the RSVP form below. (Address is below)


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Shipping Address
YOUR COMPANY NAME C/O HTI Buying Group C-1144G 455 South Grand Central Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89106
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