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Now your ready to take the next step to becoming a member of the HTI Buying Group family! Please fill out the form below. Contact an HTI staff member if you have any questions! 

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HTI Retailer Membership Agreement
Membership Includes:
1. A one year membership which runs for twelve (12) months of the calendar year. 2. Vendor discounts from over 200 Vendor Members-discounted prices (average 10%) provide the Retailer with greater profitability. Some Vendor Members offer HTI Retailer Members additional benefits and programs that includes but not limited to; dating, freight allowances, and special offers. All Vendor discounts go directly to the Retailer. 3. Your membership cost is easily recoupable with the discounts provided by our Vendor Members.Once your membership dues are realized the discounts become additional profit to you.
Retailer MAP Agreement
This is an addendum to the HTI Retail Membership Agreement. HTI has adopted a Best Practice initiative towards all MAP (minimum advertised pricing) to support a program with our Vendors as it relates to internet sales. Any HTI Retailer that is selling online must from this day forward agree to support all HTI Vendors at their listed MAP pricing. Failure to adhere to this best practice will forfeit the retailers membership privileges and dues in there entirety. Any HTI Retailers using fictitious business names online and do not adhere to MAP, will also forfeit their membership privileges and dues in their entirety. By signing below you agree that any online sales from HTI Vendors that are at MAP will remain at MAP on your site(s). Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of membership privileges and dues.
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