Who Reps your Products?

Please fill out the form below telling us who represents your products. We will use this to share HTI program information with your reps only when your company participates in an HTI oppurtunity. We are hoping to strengthen the line of communication between HTI, Retailers, Vendors, and Vendor Reps!

How it will be used:

We only need 1 principle of each rep group you employ. We will send an email to every rep principle asking them to provide us with a list of companies they represent. We will then tag each rep group and send them a notice every time one of their companies participate in an HTI program. They can then pass this information on to their This will help them to  "sell"  the program to their HTI Retailer Accounts. 

Do you use inside sales or rep groups? Select all that apply.
Please list only 1 principle contact for each rep group below.
If you need more then 10 spots please fill out the form again or email them to