HTI Buying Group Leverage Opportunity Survey

Dear Retailer:

As a valued HTI Retail Member, we are embarking on a transformational shift in the way in which we conduct commerce with our Vendors. Times have changed, the business/industry has changed. Vendors will need to shift gears in the process. Changing their behavior and business model with the Brick and Mortar Independent is paramount. HTI Buying Group has created an initiative to discuss these changes with the Vendor to provide an opportunity that is unique and profitable for both the Vendor and Retailer.

In short, we are seeking to improve Terms and Buy-In/Buy-Back dynamics. These changes will help all of us to survive and thrive in the future. Retailers must sell the Vendor products at a higher rate. Quicker Turns will improve Cash Flow and Gross Margin Return on Investment. This is what the Preferred Vendor Program will do.

We know this is a very busy time for you so we are asking you to please fill this information out as soon as possible so we can process all the details and provide this program January 2019.

We cannot do this program without your support. Thank you very much for your participation it is very important for the good of the entire Buying Group Membership!

-KC Lapiana - President

Things you will need to complete the Survey:

  1. Gross Sales 2017

  2. Total Leasable Sq. Ft.

  3. Reports on Top 25 Vendors (Sales & Margin %)

Estimated time to take this survey: 1 hr

What we will do with the information: We will use this to develop HTI’s Preferred Vendor Program

What were your gross sales in 2017? *
TOP 25 VENDORS IN SALES | Please list your top 25 Vendors in Sales by Name, Gross Sales, and Margin %.
Ex. Progressive, $25,000, 50% Cusinart, $15,000, 35%
What are your top three vendors in these categories?
Ex. Freight Cost, Online Sales, No new products, etc.