TM 2535 Demo Bar

Showcase your products with an interactive food demo during the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market this January! 

Usage Terms:

  • Demo spots are 45 minutes each and are first come first serve.
  • Spots are at no cost to the vendor however, a fee will be billed to any vendor who does not show up for their assigned time.
  • Onsite signage and Dallas Market Center promotion will be provided. 
  • HTI Buying Group membership promotion will be provided.
  • Vendor collateral such as catalogs and price sheets are allowed. 
  • Demonstrations that produce smoke are not aloud as the room is not vented. 
  • There is no sink in the demo bar.
  • Each vendor:
    • must provide a high resolution logo to Robert at
    • is responsible for providing all utensils, tools ,and cleanup material for their demo.
    • is responsible for all cleanup after their scheduled demo
  • REQUIRED - We are asking for two things from vendors:
    • 1. Have (1) prize available to be sent to 1 winning retailer. Visitors to your demo will be encouraged to drop a business card in a bowl which you will draw at the end of your demo time slot. Multiple prizes or samples are at your discretion. 
    • 2. Be willing to spend up to 1 minute helping retailers personalize video or images for their social media marketing. Retailer will be encouraged to ask you to pose for a picture, pose your product for a picture, or film a 30 second video of your demo where you speak to their customers and identify their store. We want retailers to engage in your demo and be able to use their experience with you to share with their patrons.
    • 3. (Optional). Have edible samples to give to your demo viewers.


Demo Kitchen Schedule
Time Wednesday 1/17/18 Thursday 1/18/18 Friday 1/19/18 Saturday 1/20/18 Sunday 1/21/18
10:00 - 10:45 AM X X
12:00 - 12:45 PM X X X
2:00 - 2:45 PM X N/A
4:00 - 4:45 PM X N/A
X = Time slot has been filled.
N/A = Time slot not availible.


Demo Bar Submission Form

We highly suggest that vendors provide edible samples during their demo but it is not required. Please contact Robert: with questions.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
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Will there be edible samples during your demo? *
Please choose your first, second, and third time slot choices.