8 Page Print

5,000-7,499 $.50 each
7,500-9,999 $.40 each
10,000-24,999 $.34 each
25,000 + $.32 each

16 Page Print

5,000-7,499 $.60 each
7,500-9,999 $.50 each
10,000-24,999 $.40 each
25,000 + $.35 each

Digital Catalog

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Without Print | $375

*Any even number of pages.

Contact Phone Number
Contact Phone Number
Please complete the following section only if you are ordering a print catalog.
Please check that you agree to send a high resolution image file of your logo, and any other additional files you require, to *
Please check yes to acknowledge the personalization fee of $375 for your cover and back cover.
Excel Mailing list to be sent to Cummings and postage to be paid up front.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR CHOOSING YOUR PAGES: Please list your page choices below in the order you would like them to appear. If you are picking two half pages please list the page you would like on top first (ex. 1. Cover, 2. Wusthof, 3. USA Pan/ Mini Pie Recipe, 4. WellnessMats, etc.)
16 PAGE CATALOGS should chose 14 pages and a back cover half page.
8 PAGE CATALOGS should chose 6 pages and a back cover half page.
DIGITAL CATALOGS should choose an odd number of pages as your cover is counted as a page. Back covers can be a full page or half page with company information.
Ex. Coupons, Store Location Map, Store Image, Basic Store Information, etc. *These must be sent to
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Terms and Conditions

1. Only orders placed with signed contracts will be honored.
2. In order to purchase catalogs, the retailer must be a member in good standing with the Buying Group. Members must be current on all membership dues plus any and all costs associated with other catalog purchases. Payment by Check only.
3. The minimum purchase quantity for each print catalog is 5,000 pieces.
4. The Buying Group agrees to personalize the front and back cover of each Retailers catalog.
5. A Wϋsthof Knife Insert is available for the Fall Catalog pricing is $25.00 per thousand.
6. Payment schedule for catalogs is 50% due upon contract date and 50% due upon delivery.
7. The Retailer will be responsible for all catalog distribution costs to include Mailing List, Mailing Labels, Application and Postage. The Retailer may elect to use their own distribution method, I which case the Buying Group, will ship the Retailers catalogs to the Retailers designated distribution point, FOB the Buying Groups printer. The Retailer has the option of using the printer’s direct mail services. All costs for this service will be billed by the printer. All in store use catalogs will be shipped to the Retailer, FOB the Buying Groups printer. All mailing charges are due prior to delivery of the catalogs. Any additional freight charges due to special arrangements or inside delivery  will be the responsibility of the retailer and not covered by HTI Buying Group.
8. The Buying Group will not release Catalogs to the Retailer if payment in full has not been received. Any monies received will be forfeited.