NOTE: For those of you that may be unaware, we will not be holding our annual OVC conference in Chicago this year. The Breakfast Club event will take its place Saturday morning. Tables during the event will be set up similar to that of the OVC showcase. Please refer to our Facebook live announcement or email blast announcement for more information on our Market changes for 2019.

HTI’s Breakfast Club | Chicago

Date: March 2nd, 2019 | Location: McCormick Place - Chicago, IL | Time: Breakfast (7am) Vendor Tables (7:45am to 9:30am)

Vendors participating MUST be showing at the IH+HS show. We are not able to accept any vendor who is not registered with IHA as we do not provide badges or entry to the building.

Cost for a table is $550. and entitles you to the following:

  1. A 6ft table to display products and information. Electricity is not available.

  2. A free Retailer Coupon ( see below for more information)

  3. Signage ( logo and booth location) provided by HTI. *You may bring and use your own table covers.

  4. Your IH+HS Show Special listed in the Retailer Guide. * this should be available to ALL HTI Retailers. Please send them to

  5. Breakfast and Coffee *Starting at 7am.

Retailer Coupon:

If you have a product giveaway that could be offered to our HTI Retailers if they visit your booth during the IHA show, please let us know. We have seen a huge success with this opportunity last year and would like to make this available to our retailers again. HTI will make coupons for each retailer to redeem for an item at your booth. We are asking you to have between 60 - 75 of that item available to give away to HTI retailers at your both. Coupon will be your company logo and then the item that is available for pick up in the booth with thumbnail image. Please email with your offer and item image.

  • Vendors are expected to speak with our retailers regarding their brand. Retailers are expected to engage in a conversation about the brand or products. Retailers are not to be expected to write an order to receive their free product.

  • RETAILER COUPON must be confirmed no later then January 31st to make print. There will be no exceptions after the deadline. After the deadline, vendors can create and bring their own to giveaway.

Please send a high resolution logo to
Retailer Coupon
If you are not sure, please list TBD.
I agree to confirm my retailer coupon no later then January 31st, 2019. If I do not, I am aware that I will be responsible for the creation of my own. *
Payment *
Payment for the event must be made before the event date or a table will not be held.
Agreement *