Merchandising Monday 2/22/2016

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Why we love this idea:

  • The mini kitchen is an amazing tool for keeping children from becoming restless. This gives parents enough time to be able to shop, ask questions, and discover all of what your store has to offer. 
  • They are incredibly stylish! They come in multiple designs such as urban, country, and vintage. There is a design to fit any store or home.
  • They encourage children and parents to cook together! This can lead to amazing family memories, healthier eating habits, and hopefully loyal customers! 
  • They can be accented with tons of children related product displays. Aprons for kids, kid safe tools and gadgets, cookbooks, gifts, and so much more!

Word of Mouth

"This is a mainstay item for us! It keeps the kids occupied while mom and dad can spend time shopping. When children come in they know exactly where to go. We also sell about 6 a year and the company drop ships!" Mary Weldy Owner of Culinary Apple Chelan, WA

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