Merchandising Monday 07/25/2016

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Today's Merchandising Monday Feature is:

Sweden featuring Sagaform!

Sweden Great Design History!

Sweden is a country with 9.9 million people. It seems small to most Americans, but when we look at the impact the country has had in literature, films, technology, business and design, it is clear Sweden is more than just a part of Northern Europe. Did you know that 25 Swedes have received an Oscar?

Since 1901, Sweden has been the awarding the Nobel award in Stockholm. Alfred Nobel is considered to be the father of Dynamite. To date 573 awards have been handed out.

Swedes are an outdoor people. They have over 95,000 lakes and hunting, camping and outdoor actives are common. In Northern Sweden, Swedes enjoy 56 days of daylight around the clock, however in the winter they have 32 days of pure darkness. Sweden is over 31,000 miles long from south to north. The coldest days in the North can be minus 63 degrees and the warmest day in the south can be 100 degrees.

This means that Swedes have to be entrepreneurial and in the past 15 years, Sweden has the second most patents awarded by capita. This of course leads to amazing designs!

Internationally Sweden is seen as a company that includes what is best about Scandinavian design. The style, which is often referred to as minimalistic, features clean, simple lines and a strong emphasis on functionality. Over the years designs have focused on products that reflects peoples situation in life. For example, smaller sizes of serving dishes for empty nesters, stack ability for condo living and above all; great function. 

Sagaform, being a Swedish company, continues to create amazing, functional and fun products that are great for gift giving. We want to offer an alternative to the traditional flowers and wine that is typically given when bringing to a party. Sagaform’s items will be used and cherished. The line includes products that will be used in the kitchen and for serving in many materials and colors. 


Oversized Tea Mugs

Sweet Treats in the Sweet Piccadilly Ramekins!


Swedish Recipes

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