Merchandising Monday 07/15/2016

Robert McGinnisComment

Today's Merchandising Monday is to showcase what we found in Dallas!

Some of Robert's favorite finds from the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market!

Sagaform: Accent Coffee Pots - The design of these is what first caught my attention (thank you Scandinavian design)! These would be great for when you have out-of-town guests, uninvited guests, or want to host a brunch! Pair this coffee pot with anything from their Piccadilly line and you will be transported to Sweden. (Find out more about Sagaform and Sweden in our upcoming international addition!)

Tovolo: Novelty Ice Molds (Anchor) - This serves two purposes for me! It keeps my cocktails cold and humors the kid inside that still doesn't want to grow up! Tovolo has so many great designs, but for this summer I want an anchor floating in my Gin and Tonic. For a kids party, freeze in a short string attached to a little plastic boat!  Freeze some fruit, berries, or even nautical cord into it to elevate your adult party! 

Q Squared NYC: Ruffle Large Rectangle Tray - Melamine is only for the spring an summer! very wrong! These white melamine serving pieces are incredible elegant and durable! I would use these year round outdoors and indoors. You could even add a vinyl decal to the center for holiday entertaining. I will get my hands on the whole set! 

Mason Cash: Varsity 2-in-1 Rolling Pin & Flour Shaker - I couldn't bake something to save my life, but this piece makes me want to keep trying! There is something incredibly nostalgic and homey about its shape, colors, and design.  It says, "keep baking! If not for the end result, do it for the fun pictures you can take covered in egg and flour!" 

Honey Can Do: Folding Utility Table, Chrome - They may call it a Utility Table, but I call it my new bar cart! The chrome makes for a stylish addition to almost any existing design in your home. Wheel it out onto your deck, patio, or even driveway at night for a portable bar. Tie a beer and wine opener to the handle and you have a party. This would also make a great addition to your kitchen! This gives you extra counter space, and you can fill that basket up with your fruits and vegetables.

Demeyere RESTO Paella Pan - 14.8 Quart - Ok... I don't make Paella and I barely know how to spell it without google, but this piece is awesome! It would be a show stopper for your next big family gathering. I would use it to make and serve huge portions of pasta, chicken, or meatballs! I am currently measuring my stove and oven as we speak. 

Breville: Boss to Go - Get rid of that infomercial personal drink blender that I...I mean you bought at 3am! This is perfect for incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet as your running out the door. You can also put it on your new bar cart and make personalized Margaritas or Bloody Mary's for everyone. Make sure to email me with the date, time, and location of this event!

Nuance (Swissmar): Cocktail Shaker & Flask - The matte black finish on the cocktail shaker and flask is what drew my eye! Matte colors and especially matte black is very in style and surprisingly hard to find. The cocktail shaker is a perfect addition to any bar, and the flask is the perfect addition to any purse, pocket, or thigh. Who says you can't hide booze in style?  

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