Merchandising Monday 5/9/2016

Robert McGinnisComment

Today's Merchandising Monday Feature is REFRESHING:

Summer Salads

Summer is approaching fast make sure you have the right products for a salad that will impress. There is no other time of the year when fruits and vegetables are the most fresh and flavorful! 

A guest's first glance at your summer salad determines if they will be eager to eat it or avoid it all together is based on its visual appeal. To accomplish an allure for your salad your first step must start with the right tools!

  • Paring Knives

 Each paring knife below will provide a smooth cut depending on your desired price level.

Perfect Paring Knives for a everyone!

Zwilling colorful paring knives and Kuhn Rikon paring knives are a wonderful choice for an inexperience cook just starting off, or an individual with a lower budget that still wants to cut there food like a professional.

Wustof 3 1/2" paring knife is ideal for the experienced cook who wants to advance the quality of tools in their kitchen.

Dressings/Recipes for the Perfect Summer Salad

Sweet or Spicy? Be adventurous this summer with two new dressing flavors that you may never be able to live without after giving them a try!

Salad Keepers

Nothing is worse than when your lettuce goes bad to quickly. The investment of a salad keeper will save you with time and frustration many times over!

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