Merchandising Monday 4/11/2016

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Window Displays with Karen Skalicky

strik·ing (adjective): attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent.

Your Kitchen Store, Keene NH

Your Kitchen Store, Keene NH

Creating a window display that adds an element of shock, surprise, or is just interesting or informative can draw the customer in to look around the store and more importantly, BUY!


Here are (5) specifics to consider when creating and executing an amazing display:


Plan “Well” and Well in Advance

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Do you want to draw them to the window because of a cool theme without products or capture their attention because of the product?

  • What supplies will you need?


Always In Stock

  • If utilizing product in the window, make sure you have plenty of stock to sell.

  • If a product is showcased in the window but is also sellable, make sure it is easy to retrieve from the window.


Vendor Collateral Material

  • Take advantage of collateral material offered by the Vendor.

  • If you are creating a poster, etc. utilize the Vendors Image Libraries for great lifestyle images. Also ask the Vendor if they would be willing to create it for you in exchange for the space you are allotting them in the window.


Keep It Current

  • If a product sells out, have another product ready to replace it.

  • If a product fades in the sunlight – replace it, if a display piece or sign falls or moves – correct it immediately.



  • Evaluate product sales if possible, because of the window display.

  • Evaluate attention the display created by asking your associates to observe customers reaction to the display and whether it drew them into the store.


One of my favorite display pieces was a dancing shelf that housed certain store products. It created so much attention that even my confirmation students said they had seen the infamous “dancing shelves”.  Karen Skalicky


Here are some great examples of “attention getting” displays. 

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