Merchandising Monday 3/28/2016

Merchandising MondayRobert McGinnisComment




Tired of the same old dusty fake flowers you merchandise with every year?

Get creative and make your own!

Make your flowers.

Click each photo for DIY instructions. 

Display your flowers.

Click each picture to visit the vendor's website for more information. 

Bormiloli Rocco Giara Bottle: These colorful bottles can really make a large visual statement! Pair them with contrasting colored flowers or go monochromatic. They can be displayed alone or in groups.

R.S.V.P Endurance Baby Colander: Keep it nontraditional! Colanders make amazing vessels for all types of displays. Use a mix of flowers and leafy greens! This baby colander is the perfect size for hanging individually!  

Wüsthof Knife Block: Create a knife garden! Add magnets to the back of flowers for your magnetic knife strips and blocks. 

Danica Studio Bicicletta Apron: Cover a mannequin in flowers to display an apron. This makes a huge visual impact! Check our Danica Studio for modern and elegant spring and summer patterns! Use light colored flowers to let the apron shine! 

Magisso Carafe Mini: Opt for bright colored flowers to contrast the matte black. Display the carafe with bar-ware or juicing tools and show your customers how they can keep their fresh drinks cold when the weather is hot! 

Fireworks Popcorn: Fill a vase or bowl with kernels and stick flowers in. A simple and easy way to showcase a great snack for your spring and summer movie nights! Use different blends to create different looks. 


Send us pictures of your spring displays!


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