FRYDAY 12/09/2016

Robert McGinnisComment

Today we are giving you sweet treats instead of fried with...

Perfect product additions to custom gifts!

Small in size but filled with LOVE!

Jokari: Cookie Pro!

IDEA 1: Attach the Cookie Pro to a mason jar filled with one of these recipes

for a one of a kind thoughtful gift!

IDEA 2: Fill a Coffee Cup with Candy, Spoons, etc., and place a bow on it!

Zwilling has the perfect mugs to showcase all the fun inside!


R.S.V.P.'s beautiful spoon handles will add a pop of color inside these sleek and modern mugs!


If this gift wasn't already special enough... 

Learn how to stamp these spoons with a loved ones name, initials, or favorite little saying!

Do you have an idea for our next FRY-DAY feature?

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