FRY-DAY 09/02/2016

Sweet tooth? These deep fried mini pies are ideal this Fry-Day!

Who would turn down a mini pie that you can eat on the go? Not us!

All the baking essentials you will need for these cute treats!

(Have a mini pie party! Provide multiple filling options to guests by using the Duralex 10 piece clear bowl set!)

A pie flavor for everyone! 

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Merchandising Monday 8/15/2016

Today's Merchandising Monday is: 


Some of Robert's favorite finds from the Las Vegas Summer Market


1. William Bounds Salt and Pepper Mills - Such beautifully designed pieces. Transports me to a small cafe in Morocco! 

2. Messermeister 7' Tongs - The smaller size is perfect for your every day cooking needs and requires much less drawer space for storage. 

3. Jura Z6 - An amazing cup of coffee! With options for espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, and hot water, you will never run out of options to get your early morning buzz. 

4. Totally Bamboo Military Serving Boards /Salt Box - We all know someone who is or has served ! This is an amazing gift that they can use and display proudly in their home!  

5. Kay Dee Designs Southwest at Heart Table Runner - The color mix and pattern are incredibly eye catching! It is simple enough to incorporate this piece into your current home decor without planting cacti!

6. Hammond's Candies Hot Chocolate Dunking Spoons - Because fall and winter are inevitable and hot chocolate helps you battle the chill!  


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